Guest comments

We keep a guestbook in our rental houses so that guests can write down comments and reflections, and we thought you may find it interesting to read some of the comments from our guests. Some are in English, some in Swedish or Norwegian.Please scroll down to read.


It was just great.

Your love for your horses is contagious. You guys managed to get me “crazy” as well. You got me Morganized. I enjoyed every minute with you and plan to return to refine my western riding.

Peter, Germany

What a nice week we have had here with you at Aplagården!!

Lisanne, Lotte and Niki enjoyed being with the horses and also the dogs.

I had my first horseriding experience here, which couldn’t be better with such excellent horses and teacher.

I would like to thank you both for your kindness and the wonderful time we had.

Danielle, Holland

Tack för en underbar weekend hos er på Aplagården. Mimmi har älskat att leva mitt ibland alla hundar, får och hästar. Ett speciell tanke sänder hon till Bianca som blev som hennes egen lilla hund och Bonnie som levde tilsammans med oss.

Ridturerna var en upplevelse ettersom det var något nytt för oss.

Bibbi, Annika och Minnie, Sverige och Norge

Efter en fantastisk vecka på denna fina gård med så enormt trevliga värdar med familj och djur, blir det svårt att åka hem.

Vi kommer med all säkerhet tillbaka.

Jenny, Richard, Linus & Linda, Sverige

Takk for en fantastisk hyggelig og avslappende uke. Tidaholm og Aplagården glemmer vi ikke så lett. Vi kommer gjerne tilbake.

Jon, Cathrine & Sara, Norge

Tack för ett fint mottagande och en fin vecka trots det dåliga vädret. Vi har haft det veldigt roligt med alla hundar. Det var roligt att träffa dom tre odöpta hingstfölen. Det var roligt att prova att rida på ett annat sätt.

Lisa, Lena, Gunnel & Anders, Sverige


Tack för att vi fik vara här och träffa era lekfulla hundar och fantastiskt snälla hästar och dom sötaste lamungar jag har sett!!!

Tack för ridlektionerna och att ni har lärt mig så mycket om hästar.

Iris och Julie, Sverige/USA

Thanks for stayiong at Aplagården. It was only for one night, but enough to feel the good vibes of the people and the animals.

This place is relaxing and giving energy at the same time.

Jaap & Myranda, Holland

Thanks for the chance of staying here.

We enjoyed every minute!

Karin & Dietmar, Switzerland

We spent only two nights at your place and it was wonderful. The girls had the time of their lives with the dogs and off course, the horseriding.

Saskia, Holland

This was more  than a holiday, this was an experience! The place, the horses, the dogs, yourselves. Thanks for the good care, the laughs and the friendship.

It was very nice to stay here, with all horses and dogs. The ride in the woods was lovely.

Ingrid, Jos, Luna & Bo, Belgium

Up hill ( ekornabacken, Hökensås ) we have had a wonderful time our first week. It was so peaceful up there in the woods. Seing the moose at 4 am I had not expected at all. Meeting the black adder was quite an experience as well. Berry picking, go swimming in the lake and go out for a walk was nice as well.  We have had a great experience.

Off course we will never forget the horsebackriding. We had no idea three of us would end up riding.

We are very glad we could stay an extra week in the annex. We have had a wonderful time there as well.A totally different experience, not to compare.

The experience of the beautiful horses, their behavior, their way of moving, very elegant.

I pace and the wonderful sceneries no matter the weather ( mist, raindrops, curtains of rain, sunshine ) that is what we hold in our heart.

It was a very special period in our lives.

Ton, Philomeentje, Balder & Lydia, Holland

For me, born and bredc in the metropolis, the country is not something I associate positively. It is for me ac strange, unknown and therefore scary place full of potential danger… and that’s just the shadowsc at night!

So I am very pleased to report that although our stay here was short, it has allowed me great unexpected pleasure and allowed me to look differently at country life and people. Riding a horse for the first time was a weird experience, one that I hope to repeat. Thank you, Eva and Eivind, for opening your doors to others.

Tara, Belgium

What we hoped for was a place where we and our children could get a feel of country life and getting to know animals.

What we have experienced was a beautiful farm abundant with friendliness. The animalsjust as much as Eva and Eivind made usfeel at home and welcome, and you opened the the world of horses for us.  Just as much as we loved being here with you all, we enjoyed seing the kids, particularly Eulan, the youngest, get in tune with the dogs, he simply loved them!

What more can a parent ask for.

Jaacko, Belgium

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful place and for sharing the wonderful energy that is within the farm.

We have enjoyed every single moment and thank you for the wonderful hospitality.

Luis, Hilda, Camila, Eric and Nicole, Venezuela


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