Our animals

We really enjoy animals at Aplagården, and to the left you can see photos of some of them. Our current dogs are Echo the German Shepard and Kenzo the Border Collie .


Our core activity is horsebreeding, and we breed a rare horsebreed in Europe, i.e. the American Morgan Horse. These are great horses that in addition to being exceedingly beautiful also are very versatile as they excel at riding, driving, working etc. When you stay with us you may want to try to ride them in our indoor riding arena or on the endless trails that surround Aplagården. Or perhaps you just want to hang out and enjoy watching the foals and horses in the pasture. If you wish to learn more about the Morgan breed, check out www.scandinavianmorganhorse.com


Echo the German Shepards is really friendly too, and he loves to play with kids. Kenzo the Border Collie mostly enjoys guarding the sheep and run!


Aplagården is located in one of the most fertile places in Sweden, and   consequently there is an abundance of plant and animal species. On the grounds you canl see deer, moose, fox, badger plus birds like hawks, eagles, cranes and all kinds of smaller birds. In the area there are lynx, boar and the occational wolf and stray bear, but you're unlikely to run into them. Every spring 10-12000 cranes gather at Hornborgasjöen which is 40 minutes from Aplagården, and it is a big tourist attraction to see them "dance" in their mating ritual.

We are bordering a natural reserve with protected land that gives you a great opportunity to enjoy unspoilt woods. Join us on an organised walk there.

A stay at Aplagården is a great opportunity to enjoy and interact with a variety of domestic animals as well as watch a variety of wildlife. It is a great learning experience for families from cities or from the suburbia.


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